Tuesday, 11 May 2010


We headed up to Norfolk to see Golden Oriole and Stone Curlew at Lakenheath and Wetting Heath we stayed over night in a campsite and then headed to Lakenheath in the early morning.

Golden Oriole

We arrived at Lakenheath at 5:30 it was a nice bright morning, we walked along the river for a wile were we saw lots of warblers about in the reeds and scrub, Common Terns flew over head. About 6:20 Dad got the first sighting of the Golden Oriole flying high along the tree tops, which was a good start to the day, just along the river we got good views of a Barn Owl flying up and down there was also Marsh Harrier patrolling the reeds for Mice and Voles.

Later along the trail we reached a viewpoint were we heard the Oriole singing to the left of us in the poplar plantation but there was still no sign, there was a beautiful male hobby flying overhead just to the right of us, on the way to Joist Fen viewpoint we had a beautiful Bittern in flight and plenty of Marsh Harriers, on the way back we heard the bird singing again i then saw the Golden Oriole in flight going from one Platoon to another then we heard singing again, whilst looking for this Oriole we saw Cuckoos which seemed to be everywhere.

Dad managed to pick the bird up again in the top of a popular tree between the leaves but you could only see it when the wind blew threw, and then just a few minutes later the Golden Oriole showed very well in the open for about 10 minutes before it went out of view and wasn’t seen again

Wetting Heath
We arrived at Wetting Heath and went straight to the hide and got instant views of Stone Curlews we watched the bird for about an hour the Stone Curlew were quit close but there was a bit of heat haze but we did get some amazing,views we saw a stoat chasing rabbits.

Stone Curlew

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