Saturday, 20 November 2010


Glaucous Gull
We headed up to Kent to see Rob Stoke (kentbirding adventures)we arrived at Ashord int at 10:20 and then we decided to head down to Dunge to see the Glaucous gull and what ever else is around.

We arrived at the lighthouse round about 11:00 when the news broke out about a Yellow Browed Warbler in the south end of the trapping area, so we headed straight there hoping to see such a beautiful little bird,  when we arrived, we got all the gear out a headed straight to the southern end of the trapping area when we got there, we saw a crowd of people when we arrived it had just gone out of view and about of a few minutes searching, some man came round the corner and said " the Warbler is round here" so of we headed just to find it had gone out of sight yet again, after about five minutes rob spotted it coming threw towards were we were standing, it gave amazing views fluttering threw the bush but we couldn't get any photos,  it then flew across the path into more bushes and out of view for a few minutes but whilst looking for the bird we noted Firecrest which gave amazing views and then the Warbler was back in the original bush and gave amazing views for about five minutes.

Glaucous Gull

After that spectacular bird we headed of to see the Glaucous Gull with no tail,  were it was seen earlier this morning, there was no sign when we arrived so we set the birding gear up and started scanning for this Gull after about five minutes of looking dad noticed two divers flying west and then Rob said that they were Red Throated Divers, there was also two kittiwakes 1 juv and 1 adult, and then i saw a guillemot and tryed to get Rob on it he saw the Auk quite well, but then dad noticed one Red Throated Diver sitting close in giving amazing views, then after about five minutes i noticed one Auk flying past and identified it as a Razorbill we then decided that was no sign of any glaucous gull and headed toward the visitor center but on the way dad and rob noticed a flock of Gulls and we decided to stop and look and see if the gull was in there, so we got the birding gear out and the halfway walking towards this flock of birds Rob said i can see the Glaucous Gull and then we all got on it, it was showing very well, we got right underneath the bird it gave amazing views so we then decided after about ten minutes of wacthing the Gull it was time to head of and see was had been seen at the reserve.


When we arrived at the reserve entrance the news broke out that the Grey Phalarope and Snow Bunting was still at pett levels so we decided that we would take a look at what had been see at reserve and then headed to pett levels but there was nothing good seen on there reserve but there was a male Brambling on the feeders so we walked to the feeders just were the car was parked and it was there, it gave some stunning views. We wacthed the finch for about 5-10 minutes then decided to head of to pett levels.

We arrived at Pett Levels round about 2:45,  when we got out the car Rob found the Grey Phalarope feeding in quite close range it gave descent views as it was spinning round, we watched the bird for about 15 minutes then decided to head of to the smugglers pub to see the Snow Bunting when we arrived we headed out to the shingle bank were there were two birders wacthing the Bunting it was ever so close giving amazing views so after an amazing day of birding with an amazing Friend we left happy.

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

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