Sunday, 13 March 2011


Then news broke out at Half one of a Little gull at Chichester GP so we headed over there.

Little gull

We arrived at Chichester trainstation at 2:00 and headed straight to the GP we set up the equipment and headed down to the chalets were the Gull has been seen from, when we arrived at the chalets i instantly noticed the Little gull, from its Dark underwing the gull gave amazing views in flight trying to catch nats, we also saw it sitting on the water getting good views of its small beak, the gull gave amazing views of its dark underwings in flight .  we got good views of Dark red legs

Other birds we saw
Meadow pipits

Tufted duck
common gull
Herring gull
lesser blacked gull
Great backed gull
Black headed gull
Blue tit
Great tit
Long tailed tit
Mute swan
Green  woodpecker
Coot and Moorhen

Little gull
Dark underwing
Little gull

Little gull

Meadow pipit



Green woodpecker

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