Saturday, 19 January 2013

Generel Birding

On the 11th January headed over to Black ditch which i am going to make my patch and try to do at least once a week, whilst there we saw some really descent birds which made it well worth the trip, which included 2 Stonechat's, 1 Lesser Redpoll, 2 Egyptian geese, a very nice Green Sandpiper and a very nice peregrine which was sitting in a tree with a massive flock of woodpigeons.

Tree Sparrow
Then on Saturday 13th we headed over to Dungeness, this was a very productive day with 18 year ticks, we started the morning with a year tick which was i a form of a Barn Owl, our first stop of the morning was Walland Marsh but there was no sign of the Common Crane which we was expecting, so we moved down the road and started looking for Bewick swans, we located a flock of mute swans and in them there was 5 Bewick swans, 3 Adults and 2 Juveniles the whole flock then took off and landed in the next field, but the 5 Bewick's kept flying so we then moved further down the road and we then located a another flock of swans this was a massive flock of 90 Bewick swans and a solo Whooper swan.

We then moved on to the point but on the way we stopped on the road side and took a look at the arc pits, here found 3 great whites egrets which were just feeding on the banks, we also picked out a female redhead Smew which was associating with Goldeneye, there was also big flocks of Gadwall and Shoveler, we then continued our journey to the point looking for the Glaucous Gull, we spent a good hour looking for the bird but there was no sign of it, but we were rewarded with, Red throated diver, Kittiwake, Guillemot's, Razorbills and some really close Gannets.

We then headed back to reserve we checked out the arc pit again and was rewarded with a drake Smew, then on the entrance of the reserve we had a nice flock of Tree Sparrows, we also had a very very showy fox underneath the feeders, dad then picked up a Firecrest which i managed to get onto it before it quickly flew of into the tree's, we didn’t have much after this so we decided to head home about 3:00 would just like to say thanks to Rob for his company.

Then on Sunday 13th me and dad saw 5 Waxwing by Sainburys car park in Rustington.

I would of had this post up last Sunday but the Blog was not letting me uploads any photos.

Tree Sparrow

Tree Sparrow


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