Saturday, 23 October 2010

cuckmere haven

shore lark


we headed down to Cuckmere haven to this stunning shore lark, when we arrived we asked this man if he had seen the shore lark he said he had been there for and hour and a half and he said he had not seen it, so we thought thet we had dipped out on this bird ,then the other birder said he had found it , so i called dad over and we saw it about 6ft away from us we watched it for about two hours it gave stunning views there was a male peregrine flying around and every time the peregrine flew over the shore lark ducked.



We walked up the hedge along the river and there was about a 100+ greater black backed gulls and about 50+ Wigeon 1juvinile Brent goose ,4 little egrets , 3+ curlew and loads of grey herons, we walked back to see the shorelark again but we took a detour up the hill into this little woods were we saw, long-tail tits, blackcaps male and female, 1 chiffchaff great spotted and green woodpeckers, and we could hear fiercest calling.


 then it was time to head home so we walked back up to hope gap on the way back to the train station  and saw amazing views of a male yellow hammer we watched that for about 10-15 minutes giving dad an opportunity to get some shot ,we then headed home with our hopes high and wondering what we will see next. 

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  1. Hi , really great photo of the Shorelark , well done on a good day out


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