Saturday, 16 October 2010

Rose coloured starling and pallas's leaf warbler

 We got the train to Brighton to meet Rob Stokes (Kent birding adventures), we arrived at Brighton train station at 8:20 am, so we got in the car and decided to go and find the rose coloured starling at Newhaven again and then after that we, decided go and see the pallas’s leaf warbler at beachy head (belle tout).

rose coloured starling

rose coloured sarling
We arrived at Newhaven car park, at 9:00 am so we got all the birding gear, we had a scan to see if we could see anything and on the floor there was a couple of rock pipits on floor with meadow pipits, so we headed up he gulley to the hollows when we got to the hollows there was about 10-15 people standing on the mound watching the rose colured starling, so we set up the telescope and started searching for the rose coloured starling and after about 5 minutes Rob foundthe rose coloured starling sitting in the hawthorn bush, and then when it came back out dad and Rob went and tried to get some photos, so whilst they were doing that I did a bit of seawacthing for eiders but didn’t see any eiders but about 5 minutes after scanning I saw this auk flying low and fast it was small and fat with a really big bill I identified it as a puffin , so I called Rob and dad over but then I lost it so I couldn’t get anyone on the puffin so we watched the rose coloured starling a bit longer and we notice, song thrushes, goldfinches, robins, jackdaws, gannets, herring gulls, black headed gulls, meadow pipits, rock pipits, woodpigeon, rooks, crows, are second redwing of the autumn and a blue tit. On the way back to the car me and Rob heard an unusual call coming from the bottom of the cliff, so when we got to the bottom dad notice a female wheatear that was showing amazingly well and there was another one just a bit further back on the shingle. 

 We headed to beachy head(belle tout) to see this pallas’s leaf warbler that has been there for the last few days, we arrived around 10:30 am we headed up to wear everyone was standing, I asked this birder standing next to me to see if the have seen the pallas’s leaf warbler but he said “ I haven’t seen the pallas’s but some saw it around 7:30 8:00 this morning down the end of the path but it has been seen with crest flocks “ , so we headed threw the path going threw woods were there are some people standing and I asked them if they had seen anything but the said “I haven’t seen anything but someone has just seen the pallas’s leaf warbler at the back of the wood heading this way with a tit flock”, Rob could hear the crest but didn’t see any so Rob decided to walk round the back of the wood, , so we walked round the back of the woods and saw other birders scanning the tree’s, we scanned with them, and in a space of 5 minutes dad saw the pallas’s leaf warbler but no one else got on it until Rob said “oh yes I got it”, then It disappeared out of view, then a few second’s later they had the pallas’s leaf warbler a few feet up the path so we all headed up the path to see the bird but I didn’t see it neither did dad but rob saw a quick glimpse of the bird then it went out of view. Then we all started searching for the pallas’s leaf warble r but no one could see the bird, then a big group of birders came rushing round the corner hoping to see the pallas’s leaf warbler, so we continued scanning then Lynn and Michael came round the corner with there chairs, so we asked how they were and we kept on scanning for this warbler , then 30 minutes later after precision searching I saw the pallas’s leaf warbler it was such a stunning bird with the spectacular median covert bar and greater covert bar and stunning bright yellow supercilium, so we kept scanning for about half hour and Lynn and Michael saw the pallas’s leaf warbler briefly. Whilst scanning for this pallas’s leaf warbler we also noted 30 brambling, 4 fieldfare’s, swallows, house martins, 1 sparrowhawk, kestrel giving good views, blue tits, chiffchaff’s, jackdaws, rooks, crows and 1 goldcrest.

We headed to trulegh hill round about 2:30 in search of ring ouzels but no luck but noted 4 buzzard’s, kestrel fighting giving good views, long tail tits, blue tits, 1 raven, 1 male sparrowhawk flying at eye and 2 peregrines.

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