Sunday, 5 December 2010



This weekend we headed of to Cheadle (Manchester) with the family to visit friends, so me and Dad thought we might have a chance of catching up with some Waxwings that have been around the are in large numbers.

Saturday we spent the day with our friends doing some sledging.

Sunday me and Dad got up early and headed to the train station and went to wigan where  a large number of waxwings have been seen for a while now. We arrived at 9.11am in a very foggy wigan, and headed down to Harrogate Street were over 160 Waxwings were seen on Saturday. There was no sign of any birds but there were still plenty of berries on the trees which was a good sign.

3 Waxwings

We decided to walk around other sights were they had also been seen but still no luck all the trees and bushes in this area seemed to have been depleted of berry’s, but then suddenly dad spotted a Waxwing high up in a tree top and then another one, we watched them through the scope until they flew down lower in the tree and out of sight, we relocated them in a tree abit further back and got some good views before they flew of, dad then saw a flock of 9 in another tree before they flew of  in the direction of Harrogate street.


so we headed back there and were amazed to see 20-30 Waxwings flying around before settling down on some tall trees, we then got some amazing views as the waxwings came down to the berry trees right in front of us to feed on frozen berrys before they flew back up into the tall trees

We watched them doing this half a dozen times dad then managed to get some photos but the light was really bad, other birds feeding in the berry trees were a pair of bullfinches briefly, Mistle thrushes, song thrushes and blackbirds , a good day

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