Saturday, 19 February 2011


(Oriental) Rufous Turtle dove
We headed to Chipping Norton in Oxfodshire to see the (Oriental) Rufous Turtle dove.

We arrived at Chipping Norton at 6:30 at house 33 to find a queue of 100 + people all ready standing in the rain, we stood there for about an hour with no news of the Rufous Turtle dove which made the day look quite rubbish but then round about 8:45 every body started running in front of the house to see the Dove sitting on top of the tree, i split up from dad and rob so had to view it threw my binoculars, when i met up with dad and Rob i got told that Rob was used as a human steeping stone LoL this is when all hell broke loose.
(Oriental) Rufous Turtle dove
As we got to the front of the queue to get in the house i decided to go a bit further down to see if it was somewhere else so i followed the crowed and there was no sign of the Rufous Turtle dove until somebody shouted and started running down the street then i called dad and started running then dad followed me then i looked behind me to get Rob to come quickly just to find a stampede of Twitches so i start running to get down there and to get away from the stampede.

As we climbed into this privet field we got amazing views of the (Oriental) Rufous Turtle dove sitting in an Ash tree we watched the dove for about 30 minutes plus all in all we spent about 3 and a half hours searching for this bird.

So all in all not a bad day wasted thank Rob for an amazing day.

Key features to look out for.

The (Oriental) Rufous Turtle dove is recognized by.
 Its Red eyes and Feet.
White markings and Tortoiseshell feathers.
Slightly shorter primary projection the Turtle dove.
There are two Sub species of the Rufous Turtle dove one is Oriental and number two is Meena.
The stampede


  1. It certainly was an amazing day out , and even though i got trampled on i really enjoyed seeing the bird , well writtern post and good photos to ! thanks for your company .

  2. You had a long time on the bird. I had to make do with a glance through a guy's scope and a few seconds more in the bins as there were just too many people trying to cram into a small space.


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