Saturday, 5 March 2011


We started are day with Rob Stokes, Matt Eade and Dick Gilmore and went to an undisclosed site for Goshawk in the New forest not (ACRES DOWN).

Dartford warbler
We arrived at this site just after 10:00 am, and we set our equipment up and walked to this viewpoint, we flushed two Woodlarks up ,after about 10 minutes of scanning dad picked out a large bird sitting in a tall pine which turned out to be a  male Goshawk  we watched it for about 10-15 minutes before it dropped down out of view.

we saw about 5+ Hawfinches  moving around which we managed to to some good veiws of.there were 2 more  really distance birds too , Matt then said he had another Goshawk flying to the left  which was giving amazing views as it soared up high into the clouds. we then heard and saw a common snipe as it flew over head.
From here we went to bishop’s dyke for a Great grey shrike.
Great grey shrike

We arrived here roughly round about 11:30 and instantly heard siskin's calling in the tree tops,
 we had about an 1 mile walk ahead of us, as we got half way down the path we met a guy who told us that he had just seen the shrike sitting in a silver birch tree, we moved abit further down the path and got amazing views of the shrike .
Dad, Matt and Rob went to see if they could get a better photo but the bird flew into deeper cover, when we arrived back at the car park we saw a Goldcrest,coal tits,meadow pipits , 1 male stone chat, Lesser redpolls and Siskin's, from here we moved on to Emery down to find some more Goshawks.

We arrived at round about 12:15 and we walked into the woods and Matt picked out a Firecrest
which was just feet away giving amazing views a dad, Rob and Matt good photo opportunities other birds noted at this site was.
Blue tit.
Great tit.
Marsh tit.
Great spotted woodpecker (heard).
coal tit

Dartford warbler
On the way to Gosport we stopped alongside the road to see if we could see Dartford warbler, we walked out into gorse , we managed to find 1 birds sitting on top of the gorse , and then 2 more birds were perched on to giving me time to get them in the scope, one pair were doing some display flight  which was nice to see .as well we counted 5birds 2 females and 3 males,
 from here we headed over to Gosport fro the Ringed bill gull Which dad, Matt and he's friend Dick saw but me and Rob got on the wrong bird hump but all in all it was an amazing day birding thanks Guys.

Here is the birds we noted in one day.
1.       Woodlark.
2.       Goshawk 2
3.       Hawfinch 5
4.       Common buzzard
5.       Blue tit
6.       Great spotted woodpecker
7.       Green woodpecker
8.       Carrion crow
9.       Magpie
10.   Great grey shrike
11.   Lesser redpoll
12.   Siskin
13.   Goldcrest
14.   Meadow pipit
15.   Blackbird
16.   Mistle thrush
17.   Dartford warbler  3 male 2 females
18.   Firecrest
19.   Marsh tit
20.   Long tail tit
21.   Robin
22.   Mediterranean gull
23.   Common gull
24.   Ring billed gull
25.   Greenfinch
26.   Grey heron
27.   Dunlin
28.   Redshank
29.   Curlew
30.   Starling
31.   Little egret
32.   Mallard
33.   Dark bellied Brent goose
34.   Canada goose
35.   Mute swan
36.   Black headed gull
37.   Herring gull
38.   Lesser black backed gull
39.   Little grebe
40.   Great black backed gull

Lesser redpoll
Dartford warbler
Dartford warbler

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