Friday, 4 March 2011


 lesser spotted woodpecker.
We headed to the woods today to see what was about ,after about an half and hour all we saw was 1 Buzzard, a small flock of Siskins, lots of Blue tits and Great tits, 1 coal tit and 1 Redwing
Lesser spotted woodpecker

We moved a bit further up and took a path going to the right and after about five minutes we heard a Lesser spotted woodpecker calling just before landed in a tree right in front of us it was flighty but we got some amazing views at times, we also saw some more Great tits and Blue tits and a flock of lapwing in the distance. also 2 reed bunting.

On the way back  to the train station we got good views of a Nuthatch a bit further down the road we had amazing views of a male Sparrowhawk we got up to about of 5 foot, at the train station we had a nice veiw of a peregrine, so after an amazing day we decided to head home

When we arrived at home we were greeted by the local male Blackcaps and blue tits

Lesser spotted woodpecker

Close up Sparrowhawk on kill

Close up Sparrowhawk

Hey were did you go
 Male Blackcap

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