Saturday, 26 March 2011


Me, Rob and Dad headed up to surrey to pick David up to go see the Short-toed treecreeper that had taken up residents there.

We arrived at Landgaurd just before 8:00 am and got all the equipment out the car and just headed to wear a large crowed of twitches were standing,
the bird had just been seen but was now out of sight . but then a small bird was flushed out by the trapper as they were checking the mist nets but we got know id on it, then somebody had the Short-toed treecreeper on a small elder bush climbing up the right  side of it ,we all got on to it where we watched it as it creeped up to the top of the bush before it flew of to the left and dissapeared into to some thick bushes and got caught in mist nets.when the trappers found it they instantly released it and it  flew back into the clump of tree.what a shame they didnt let us have a look ,
 we all saw it again late through David’s scope sorry theres no picture of it . 
Other birds on note were was a nice Black redstart which was nice year tick for us . greenfinches Blue tits and great tits.

From here we headed to minsmere and had some lunch then headed out on to the reserve and instantly went to the first hide were noticed loads of Avocets and mixed gulls there was also Barnacle goose and Spotted Redshank 5 ruff and lots of other stuff then David noticed a 2wYellow legged gull with was sleeping and then woke up and gave amazing views of its self. From here we went to the Island of mere hide hoping to find some water pipits but there was no sign but Rob noticed two Redhead Goosanders which showed well before flying of, 
 I then notice a flock of martins flying over the reed beads and ID them as sand martins which was another year tick.there was to snipe sitting on the waters edge.also male and female marsh harriers.
we heard and saw chiffchaff and marsh tits on the way back to the car , there was 2 more marsh tits on the feeders also a nice coal tit.

we  then popped into davids patch at Canons and Bansted woods to look for lesser woodpeckers but we had no luck,  but we did  hear and see a Ring necked parakeet flying over and then 5 more abit later we also david got us onto one of his local Little owl   a yellowhammer was heard but it was getting late so we headed home happy.

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