Sunday, 18 September 2011

Norfolk birding

Little bittern
headed of to Norfolk for Little bittern, Buff breasted sandpiper and cattle egret all at Ticthwell, we left Rob house just after 4:00 and was in Norfolk just before 8:00, on route we stopped at Cley hoping to see Citrine wagtail but we had no luck plenty of pied wags and a couple of yellows were noted and a nice hobby eating pray as it flew by .
we then headed to Ticthwell and managed to see the  Little bittern as it crept across a open area of reeds right in front of us . it was on show for about 10 minutes so we were happy . Rob said he was going to try and see the Buff breasted sandpiper but me and dad decided to try and see the Bittern again,but rob only got about half way up the path and told us that he had the Cattle egret sitting in the tree, so we rushed up the path and had a good view of it sitting in the tree before it flew down and out of sight.

Little bittern
We then decided to head  to the hide were the buff breasted sandpiper was seen from, and there it was abit distance but you could still see the main key features, we then headed to in focus so that dad could get a new scope he chose a Swarovski 65hd 20x60 zoom but it has to be delivered, so we then headed back to Ticthwell for the bittern again and it was just sitting there for ages showing really well, so we the decided to head home happy thanks Rob for a good days birding
Little bittern

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