Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sandhill crane

We were meant to be flying up to Aberdeen on Saturday morning, but with the arrival of an adult Sandhill crane, saw us changing our plans and hiring a car from Gatwick and heading up Friday evening, so we could try connecting with the bird, we arrived at 7:30 on Saturday morning in St combs, we parked the car along side a a stubble field were a few other birders were, they told us that the crane has been seen this morning at Loch of stragburg RSPB so we decided to head of there.

As we arrived at the reserve, we saw people just leaving in there cars and one bloke told us that the bird has flown back towards were we had just left, so a quick turn around saw us heading back, the Sandhill crane gave us a bit of the run around but it was soon tracked down by me and another birder feeding along the edge of a barley field what a relief. in the rush of trying to see the crane dad forgot to take his camera with him, its abit of a shame but seeing the bird is more important thing tho.

It was such a stunning bird that we didn't think we would be getting today, we watched the Sandhill crane for about 15 minutes before it flew off and out of sight, with time running out we had to make a quick dash to the airport to catch our flight to Shetland.

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