Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Shetland Day 1

Barred warbler

Our first full day on Shetland started at Lerwick Harbour looking for mine and Dads first ever Black guillemots, and after about 5 seconds of searching for them they were every were and you couldn't miss them such an amazing bird, other birds on note were lots of Eiders, Shags and some Gannets flying around a few seals were also in the harbour.

Yellow browed warbler
From here we decided to head to Boddham  to check out some of the gardens, there were a few people already there checking them out,  they had a Barred warbler in the first garden , so we decided to stick around and try to relocate it , and after a few second it flew on top of a bush and showed its self before it flew down on to a stone wall were it showed well for a few minutes before it went into a bush and became very elusive, we then got a text from my friend Ashley Powell who told us there was a Yellow browed warbler in grutness garden.

Lesser grey shrike
We were down there in a flash and were on the bird straight away it was showing really well sitting out in the open and even went on the ground it was such a showy bird i also had a Goldcrest, Starlings, Bronxie over and a Shetland wren around the area, the news then broke of a Lesser grey shrike in Laxo we followed our friend Andy p because he new were the bird was getting seen we were at the site in less then 45 minutes, when we arrived  somebody had just relocated it  and we all got on the bird before it flew of further, after about 5 minutes the bird was relocated again and was showing really well for about 30 minutes before it flew further up the path sitting on telegraph wires.

From here we headed down to vidlin to try and see some Otters but we were out of luck but we did have an Arctic tern and some Herring and lesser black backed gulls and some hooded crows around  from here we headed home and after a first day were are very happy
other birds seen 
female merlin 
snipe 6
willow warbler 1
golden plover 15
kestrel 1
Yellow browed warbler
Yellow browed warbler
Lesser grey shrike

Artic tern

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