Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Christmas Birding

On The 23rd  of December Me and Dad headed over to Lancing and saw two Snow buntings, when we arrived there were Gannets flying very very close in giving us amazing views, about half an hour of searching we located the buntings by a seed pile and got some amazing photos.
Snow buntings

On New Year’s Day we joined with Rob, we started at Cley so we could connect with western sandpiper which i missed before, as soon as we entered and empty hide and opened the window, Dad picked the Western sandpiper out amongst Dunlin on the scrap, a good lifer for me and a year tick for Dad and Rob. Other birds on note were,

500 plus Golden plover, Black tailed godwits, curlews, Ruff, Marsh harrier Brent goose, Pink footed goose and lots more.

Western Sandpiper
On our way to Ticthwell we spotted a Barn owl hunting over a pool of water, at Ticthwell we Saw Coues Arctic Redpoll, Lesser Redpoll and Mealy Redpoll
Artic Redpoll and Lesser Redpoll

 At Fakenham the Great Grey shrike was seen well in a hedge row as i saw with a mouse in its beak, at our last stop we picked out an adult female Ring necked Duck amongst, Tufted duck and a pair of Golden eye, 64 species were seen for the first of 2012

Golden plover

The wing bar
Snow buting

Snow bunting

Snow bunting


  1. Certainly a few good shots over Christmas, tempted by the Western Sand and Arctic Redpoll though.

  2. Thanks marc . The westerns a great bird


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