Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sorry for nost posting

Short billed dowitcher
Sorry for not posting over the last few months, I’ve been busy working and getting ready to start College any way lets get back to the birds.

Me and Dad have had some lifers over the last few months including Spotted Crake, Short Billed Dowitcher and Ballion Crake. 

On Thursday the 6th September, me and Dad headed down to Weymouth for the Short Billed dowitcher, when we arrived at Lodmoor the bird was sitting right out in the open, we watched it for about 15 minutes before it went in to roost, we then saw David Campbell and his friend Liam turned up and got straight on to the Short Billed dowitcher, we then left for home really happy.
Ballion crake
Then on Saturday 15th September me, Dad and Rob headed to Rainham marshes for the juvenile Ballion Crake, that we dipped last Saturday after spending 10 hours in the hide for nothing, we arrived at the reserve at 5:25 it was still dark when we walked to the hide, there was about 30 people in the hide including Garry Bagnell, at 6:10 me and Dad notice a very small bird fly out of the reeds over the water and landed out of in the reeds, Dad then spotted it moving around and it was the Ballion crake in the reeds it then came out in the open and showed really well, we watched it for about 8-10 minutes before it went out of view.
I then saw the Ballion crake in flight 2 more times in the same place, and then it was located right in front of the hide were it showed, really well for about 10 minutes, before going out of view, we then headed of home thanks Rob.

Ballions Crake

Ballions Crake


  1. Hi great account of your recent birding trips , excellent photos too , and wow you have done your

  2. Nice one, glad you got it on second go well done


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