Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shetland Holiday.

Me, Rob and Dad book our selfs in for a week in Shetland early back in the year, on this post I’m just going to do a list of the birds we saw.

Barred Warbler

Yellow Browed Warbler, 5 Grutnees, 2 Grutness, 2 Wester Quarff, 1 (H) Vidlin, 1 Quendale Mill.
Barred Warbler, 1 Sumburgh Hotel, 1 Boddham Gardens.

Ringed Plover.
Great Skua, they were seen everyday and everywere.
Hooded Crow.Skylark.
Whooper Swan, 2 Unst.

Shetland Wren.

Red Breasted Flycather

Merlin, 2 seen attacking each other across the Road, 1 seen on low tide Toab.
Goldcrest, never seen so many in my life.
Swallows, still lots of around.
Red Breasted Flycather, Quendale Mill.

**Long Eared Owl**, 2 Vidlin plantation, 1 seen in flight and 1 seen in Tree Canopy for about a min.

Willow Warbler, they replaced all the Chiffys.
Little Stint, 1 Scatnees, 2 Scatness.
Pectoral Sandpiper, 1 Scatness.
Song Thrush.

Long Eared Owl
4 Bar Tailed Godwits.
Pink Footed Goose.
Red Backed Shrike, Cunnisburgh Juv.
Brambling, 1 Isle of Whalsay, 5 Quendale Mill.
Pied Flycather, 1 Fem, Cunnisburgh, 1 Fem Boddham Gardens.

Redstart, 1 Male Boddham Gardens, 1 Fem Scatness.
Snow Bunting, 1 Male Scatness seen in flight a couple of times.
Barnacle Goose, 35 scatness.
Black Guillemot, 2 Yell 1 sum plumage.

**Little Bunting**, 1 Sumburgh Quarry.

Spotted Flycather, 1 Quendale mill, 3 Quendale Mill.
House Martin, 1 Quendale Mill being attacked by Pied Wagtail.

Lanceolated Warbler
***Lanceloted Warbler***, 1 Sandness, seen on ground about 5-10 times and in flight.

Hawfinch, 1 Toab.
Blackcap, 2 Quendale Mill.

**Common Rosefinch**, 1 Quendale Mill

Yellow Browed Warbler
Red Backed Shrike

Common Rosefinch
Pied Flycather

Hooded Crow
Pectoral Sandpiper

Lanceolated Warbler

Little Bunting

The Local Bullies


Lanceolated Warbler

Lanceolated Warbler

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