Sunday, 21 October 2012

nice looking Birdie

Red Breasted Goose
Me and Dad headed over to kent on saturday for the **Red Breasted Goose**, we then met Rob at the train station then headed to Sea Salter were we had a mile and a Half walk to the Goose flock when we arrived dad instantly pick up the **Red Breasted Goose** right in front of us we watched the bird about 20-30 minutes and got some amazing views of it the whole flock then to flight and then flew further do the marshes, we then decided to head back to the car on the way back we had amazing views of Beareded Tits that were showing amazinly well, dad then picked out two Stonechats on a top of a bush.

Sibirien Stonechat
Then Today Me and Dad headed to Birling Gap for the **Sibirien Stonechat** that turned up the day before, when we arrived the Stonechat was not on show, but after 5 minutes the bird popped up on the wire and was showing really well, Mick Davis then turned up we then crept up on the bird and got it really close, but i then did commando behind his car and i then had in in front of me.

Mick then gave us a lift to Brighton for the *Sabines Gull* wich showed well on the sea it then flew over on to the promanard and showed really really well, it wasnt even scared of people, we then headed home.

Thanks Rob and Mick for a great weekend.

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