Sunday, 24 March 2013

Birds latley

Pied Billed Grebe
On 21st of Febuary, Mick Davis picked us up and we headed over to Somerset for the wintering Pied Billed Grebe, when we arrived at the second viewing platform the bird was on show and we got amazing views of this bird as it headed out view, we then headed to an undisclosed site were we had amazing views of Cirl Buntings and then to top the day of we had a nice Rose Coloured Starling at Exminster Marshes.

Now the main story begins!!!!!

Glaucouse Gull
With the news of a drake Harlequin Duck on the Western Isle, North uist i just couldnt resist trying to find away up there, God must have heard my prayer we got a message of Kevin McCoy saying that he was going for the Duck on Thursday and getting back saturday this was an offer that we couldnt refuse, there was a space left in the car so we got in contact with Rob and he couldnt refuse the offer to fill an extra seat, but to be honest could anyone.

We arrived at Uig Port at about 6ish, whilst we were waiting for the ferry we had loads of Great Northen Divers, and a couple of summer plumaged Black Guillemots and lots of Eider aswell we were all hoping that we could get an Eagle Flyover but there wasnt even a sniff, the ferry then arrived it got everybody of and got us on super quick and we were then off, whilst on the ferry we had lots more Great Northern Diver and Black Guillemots and plenty of shags.

We arrived on North Uist at 10:45 we didn't want to waste any time getting lost on the way so Kevin quickly pulled over and we waited for a birders car to past i did clock one on the boat so we were waiting for that car, we followed the car all the way to the duck on the way dad picked out a ringtail Hen Harrier sitting on a post on the side of the road but we couldn't stop we were on a mission dad also picked out a Greenshank on he mud flats abit further down the road, when we arrived at Balranald RSPB we were greeted with  some good news that the bird was still there via Pager services.

We all got into a mad dash to get out our birding gear and get to the headland as quick as possible, we got to the cliffs  set the scopes up and started scanning but there was no sign of the bird Rob picked out the Glaucous gull on the beach mixed in with Herring gulls, (thats my fourth one this year bloody hell) we decided then to move further down the cliff we could get a better view of the rock and it was a good job we did this, because Rob then picked out the Harlequin Duck roosting on the rock great the bird is still here it was very difficult to pick out between all the kelp but eventually it swam out into the open were you could get amazing views of all the markings, until !!!!!!!!! all the sea mist rolled in bugger that has now spoiled our day.

After the mist had gone there was no sign of the duck oh god were has it gone after doing some scanning there was still no more sign of it so i then decided to get closer to the shore line for a better look after almost killing myself on the kelp i set my scope up and instantly got on the bird just sitting there in its own world on the rocks preening, we then watched it for about 30 minutes before heading of to look for some geese and eagles.

We drove round the island to about 4:30 witch nothing really to note apart from lots of Whooper swans and Barnacle geese, so we decided to go and look for some accommodation after getting into a pickle of looking for a B&B we finally tracked one down which was very nice and had freeview aswell result lol.

The next day we left the island but as the boat came into the port i picked out an Eagle flying straight towards us and yes it was a full adult White tailed eagle this is the first time i have seen one in this plumage and it was so beautiful, when we got of the boat we pulled over and got the scopes set up and then had some really nice flying views and scopes views as it was sitting on the rock, it was giving us some really good views of it full white tail amazing we then started our decent back home and i was then headed of to Disneyland Paris why would i do something like this.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Rob and Kevin for doing the driving all the way up and Dad for taking me.

On Saturday the 9th of March me and dad headed to Romsey were we had the best view you could ever have of about 30 Hawfinches just in the open i would recommend going, we did have plans to see Glossy ibis and Spoonbill but we were delayed for about 3 hours at Southampton Central due to a broken down train so our day was ruined.

I would also like to say sorry for how late this post was and i will promise i will do them more regualy

Cirl Bunting

Cirl Bunting

Cirl Bunting

Rose Coloured starling

Hen Harrier

Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier


  1. Excellent write up Michael and great photos too .

  2. thanks rob shame that my harlequin photos were to bad that i when i croped them so you could see the bird it wouldnt up loads them :(


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