Monday, 20 September 2010

white winged black tern

white winged black tern (juv)
Me and dad Headed down to Hyde Park in London to see the (juv) white winged black tern that has been there for a couple days now. when we got to London Victoria train station we had about a 10-15 mins walk to Hyde park when arrived at Hyde park and we had no idea were the serpentine bridge so we walked along the edge of the water and we could see the bridge so we kept on walking and dad said "I can see the white winged black tern" and there it was in the middle of the park catching fly's (a lifer) it gave amazing views but when we got to this cafe it gave even closer views and as I was texting rob stokes (Kent birding adventures) and I heard a parakeet calling and there was 3 ringed necked parakeets flying over a year tick for us so we stood in front of this cafe with my bins and telescope out dad was taking photos we were so cool everyone was looking at us so we started heading up towards the bridge were it was flying around the most so when we got to the to bridge and the white winged black tern settled down on post below the bridge so we headed up to the top of the bridge and were it gave amazing views on the post

so after we watched it for a little while it flew off and we lost sight of it and why we were searching for the tern 3 more ringed necked parakeets flew over and 2 jays and then we found it again on the other side of the bridge really high up with a flock of black headed gulls so we watched it for a bit more why we were thinking if we should go now or watch the tern for a bit longer so we decided to watch the tern for a bit longer and we took our eyes off it for a few seconds a lost it again so we spent some time looking for it and then on the other side of the park there it was flying around catching fly’s there were black headed gulls and herring gulls and then adventully it decided to sit down again giving some more stunning views and after the amazing display by the (juv) white winged black tern we headed after an another amazing day.

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