Sunday, 16 January 2011


Lesser white fronted goose
with Taiga Bean goose
We started are sunday morning of at Cantley marshes in search of the Lesser white fronted goose when we arried we were greeted with Canada goose, White fronted goose, Taiga Bean goose and a few Pink fotted goose but no sign of the Lesser white fronted goose we walked abit further up the path were dad said that he may have it but it was to far of ID so we walked abit further were we noted Two Peregrines More White fronted goose and a flock of 20 Taiga Bean goose and then we got an ID on the lesser white fronted goose in with the Bean geese we wacthed goose for about 10 mintues before the flew of high
Iceland gull
can you see how pink his feet are
We arrived at Linky road car park to look for an Iceland gull which has been seen here for some time now and when we got there it was in a little pool beside the road before be flushed up by an on coming vehicle but it only moved on a pool a bit further up were it had a wash and gave amazing views before it flew out on to the beach and then flew onto the sea we watched the bird for about 5-10 minutes were we got good views of it we also noticed first winter and one adult Med gull
we then moved on to ness point hoping to find Purple sandpiper which we found very easily and very close in which gave dad some very good photo opportunities
Purple sandpiper
 We moved on to this site that somebody told us about were there had been two scaup which had been seen and they were still there very close in and giving good views we watched them and also noticed Tufted ducks, Egyptian goose, and lots of Wigeon after a good weekend and a record of 96 species recorded.


Iceland gull


when first spotted in the little pool

Flying towards the sea
Another shot bathing
Purlple sandpier


two sleeping

egyption goose

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